Studio Classes

Classes with Amy focus on centering and soothing the mind, developing strength, balance and grace in a gentle manner with the power of affirmation and intention. Her style is a combination of Yin and Yang energies. Amy practices and teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa as a movement meditation; using the effort of the physical body to focus on the breath and calming the mind. She has also become a follower of Yin Yoga; using the gentle flow to allow the body to work in a deeper level, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.



Yoga classes cost £10 to drop in. If you cancel your booking less the 24 hours before the class takes place, your session is still paid for.
You can book and pay for one month of yoga classes in advance, buy pre-booking you will receive a discount for your commitment and each session costs £8. If you do not attend one of your sessions, the class is still paid for and you cannot refund or transfer your booking to an alternative date.